In October, 2013, John Mork, CEO of Energy Corporation of America, announced that the company planned to “bring the Bakken to the Beartooths” and drill 50 wells along the Beartooth Front. In Carbon and Stillwater Counties, this news was met with great concern, as residents imagined what that would mean to their communities, the environment and their quality of life.

This website has been created to provide information to local residents. It is not intended to advocate for a position, but to provide the information necessary to let citizens make their own decisions.

The point is for citizens to get involved, and to make sure they take action to preserve their communities.

If you would like to suggest content, please contact us.

One response

  1. Being from California, I can attest to the fact that to much has ruined the State. I moved to Montana for the love of nature and water. The oil industry is not our friend. The only thing that matters to them is get more oil, more money, that is not shared with the homeowners or communities. What has occured at the Bakken Field is a CRIME!


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